Hello, Beautiful Boss Lady!

Maybe you’re stumped when trying to enhance your personal style (aka. your brand). You worry you’re not projecting the image that will draw your ideal clients to you, and you know you want to create a cohesive personal style that reflects the unique & beautiful boss lady you know you are!


So…you’ve up-leveled your business, your life and your vision for yourself…but how do you get your wardrobe to reflect the image of exactly who you’ve become?

Well, “pull up a chair next to me”, because I will partner with you to create a personal style that will tell the world who you really are…an image that will literally attract your dream clients to you!

My name is Vithya (pronounced Vee-Thee-Ya) and I’m a personal stylist with a passion for uncovering, and showcasing, each of my clients unique “Boss Lady” styles.

Like you, I take pride in (and am totally passionate about) business, and being a Boss Lady. I’ve always been fired by an entrepreneurial spirit…And this is why I LOVE working with other biz conquering Boss Ladies!

My superpower is understanding how my clients envision their personal style…I kinda consider it my sixth sense. 

In my “previous life” (before I committed my heart & soul to Boss Lady Style) I was a Director of Marketing for various companies. And, in the ten years that I spent in that role I learned the importance of building a successful brand presence.

I know how to make a brand shine in their unique market…and, on the flip side, I’ve seen exactly how costly misaligned branding can be for a business. And the rules are no different when it comes to your personal style and image.

In less than 20 seconds (and, based solely on your visual personal brand) a potential client will make a judgement about whether or not they feel they can trust you. Sad, but true.

It’s vital to recognize that having a distinct, and fine-tuned, personal style creates new opportunities for you with your dream clients.

I help you (and other “Head Babes in Charge” just like you) create a personal brand that conveys the truth about you…

Your clients need to see your essence and the incredible gifts you have to offer. *Bonus alert…once your personal brand and image are aligned to you and your biz, you’ll be able to start asking the premium prices you know you deserve. Your market of dream clients will take you seriously…and immediately recognize the value you have to offer them.

It’s time for us to shine a spotlight on your unstoppable, unique and confident Boss Lady spirit!

I can’t wait to work with you!

With love,