Client Love


“Vithya is a natural at styling. As an entrepreneur I wanted my brand and look to represent the best of me. I'm in a high-end sales field, so I also need to look the part and make lasting first impressions and needless to say my wardrobe needed a complete update - on a tight budget. Enter Vithya, she was incredible from start to finish. She did a full consultation and provided me with a wealth of information in the form of style PDFs that I could, and still do, frequently reference. These helpful cheat sheets are chalk full of information relating to complimentary colors, shapes, and designs that were tailored specifically to me.

She instructed me on how to create the looks I was wanting and even helped me shop for these within my budget. Vithya has a keen eye for style and bargains! She also recognized that as a single mom and working professional I didn't have a lot of extra time, so she was able to do all this in a time efficient manner. I have received so many compliments, my confidence has increased drastically, and my business has continued to grow since working with her! I would, and do, highly recommend her to anyone looking to up their game and show off their best self.”


“I’m so incredibly glad that I worked with Vithya!  Being an entrepreneur, I felt too busy and overwhelmed to focus on my wardrobe for a long time.  But, as I began to do video to grow my business, it became clear that ignoring my style was negatively impacting how I was representing my brand.  I didn’t know where to start and wasn’t sure how a stylist could help, but Vithya quickly and easily helped me step into my own style. 

Amazingly, I didn’t have to buy many new clothes at all!  Her incredibly keen eyes were able to help me make tons of beautiful and brand-appropriate outfits out of my existing wardrobe!  It’s boosted my confidence to the point that I’m doing more video – and I’m dressing better even on days when I’m not doing video, because it makes me feels so good!” 


“I knew that I had found the perfect stylist. As a curvy, plus-size, woman of color, it was extremely important that I found someone who understood my specific needs. Over the years, after repeatedly not finding anything I loved for my body type, I started hate shopping. Well, hate might be too strong a word, but I strongly started disliking it. Just when I was about to give up on my personal style and confidence, I found Vithya. From our very first conversation I liked what she had to say and felt comfortable.

What I loved most about Vithya was her dedication and knowledge of understanding my particular wants and needs. My style preference, my lifestyle, my business goals, etc. Her patience is a virtue and her eye for style is impeccable. She never pressured me into items that weren’t “me”. She is very passionate about enhancing someone’s true personality. Lastly, she is organized, efficient and has excellent communication. I would highly recommend her without hesitation to anyone. She is an amazing and wonderful human being. She helped me to realize my beauty in all of its glory, uniqueness and curviness.”