Frequently Asked Questions from Gorgeous Boss Babes Like You!


Should I spend my money on other business expenses first? Do I really need to have a strong personal brand?

Investing in your personal brand is the most crucial investment you will make in your business. In an ever-increasingly-crowded marketplace, being able to stand out with clarity and confidence will magnetize your ideal client. Once your branding is in place, everything else just flows. When a client sees you looking confident and good, clients think “She knows how to get it”, “I trust her”, “She looks like a [insert job title here]”. Basically, you’ll look like you have it together, and you’ll meet their expectations for what someone in your industry should look like. This makes it soooo much easier for them to trust that you know what you’re talking about, and worth investing in. With a strong personal brand, your marketing efforts will finally be working for you, instead of you chasing down clients without traction.


I don’t want to be in stuffy suit or a sheath dress. That’s just not me. I want to stand out and be unique. Will the program be customized to me?

Absolutely! I am adamantly passionate about helping you find your unique style identity and letting it shine. I loathe the “one style fits all” type of rules. In this program, I will work with you to understand everything about both your business and your personal style so that we create an identity unique to your brand story.


Can’t I just go to the department store and buy a nice dress and be done with it? Why do I need this?

Creating a clear, confident, and visible personal brand goes far beyond an item of clothing. We’ll work together to strategize on the brand message behind who you are and how you’re unique in the marketplace. With my 10+ years of experience, I’ll teach you the tips and tricks of the trade to pull it all together (beyond just singular clothing items).


I’m afraid that after we go through my closet, we’ll have to get rid of everything and start over…and that sounds expensive. How will I be able to do it?

Many of my clients have found that they actually don’t have to purchase a ton extra. After carefully crafting your personal style, we will have honed your identity so clearly that we’ll be able to go through your existing wardrobe, pick out the pieces that are working and build a solid foundation from these items. We’ll also be able to pinpoint exactly what pieces are missing and find the best versions for your lifestyle, budget, and business goals.


Is Boss Lady Style only for entrepreneurs?

Not at all! I specialize in working with women who are already entrepreneurs, or interested in becoming entrepreneurs, because I believe that through entrepreneurship women can change the world! If that’s you, then you’re in for a treat - we’ll work on setting up your business for success.

But Boss Lady Style is for every woman who feels the call to share her gifts with the world, whether it’s through their own business, through their chosen career path, or as a joyful mom who’s an inspiring example to her kids.