Welcome to Your Boss Lady Style Package!

Transform your brand image from “unfinished & raw” to “powerful & polished”, in 3 months (or less)

You’re an unbeatable lady boss and you want your look & image to match the brand you’ve created. None of the clothes hanging in your closet (or piled in your laundry basket, bathtub or on your treadmill) seem to represent the fierce boss babe you’ve become...or the inspirational role model you know you are. Bottom line -- you want to show up (to that photo-shoot, Facebook live or networking event) ready to slay with your flawless #bossstyle.



First, let me say “Congratulations you luminous lady entrepreneur”! You’ve up-leveled your life, your biz, and (even better) your vision for yourself. You’ve said sayonara to the days of working for someone else…and YOU’RE now the creator of your own business (and income) destiny. Yep, you’re taking over the world from the comfort of your favorite armchair and dressed in your comfiest leggings and stretched out tee.


But then panic hits you...like a fine stiletto to the side of your head. In less than a week you're meeting with your fab new photographer for new your business promo images. You’ve been waiting to invest in your brand, and the day is approaching. Soon you’ll have beautiful images of YOU to attach to your brand (your website, sales emails and social media accounts).



You quickly run and take stock of your wardrobe, which only increases your sense of dread...you’ve got nothing to wear that really embodies what you want reflected in your brand. You’re left asking where you begin (and when do you have the time) to start your brand image “project".



You’ve already got a massive “to-do and to-conquer list”, and now you need to find the right outfits to showcase your business. It’s tempting to throw in the stylist towel and use the excuse that you’re too busy to focus on your personal image. You try your best to convince yourself that your clients will see past your rather uninspired appearance, and still recognize your worth.


Investing in your personal style sounds stressful and seems like a luxury. You wonder if you can “get by”, and not focus on coordinating your personal image with your brand image.

But, deep down you know you’re fooling yourself.


Like it or not, we’re part of a very visual society.

Princeton psychologists have found that 85% of people pass judgment on how much they can trust you (your brand) within 20 seconds of laying their eyes on you. In our current era of information overload, it’s even more imperative to cut through your competition and get your personal brand across -- quickly and with confidence.

So, I believe you’re here because you’re brave and ready to face the truth. You know everything about you is an extension of your business brand…and you’re ready to magnetize your dream clients to you with a carefully crafted & curated personal brand (that’s authentic to you and your biz).


"Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It’s not about brands. 
It’s about something else, that comes from within you."


And I can’t wait for you to embark on this transformational journey. I promise you’ll be inspired and thrilled with the results you get. You’ll see yourself invoke a strong, positive feeling of trust with the people looking for your offering (your dream clients…the ones you’re itching to work with). *Major side bonus…you’ll find that you’re able to start asking for the premium pricing you deserve*


My unstoppable lady boss...

YOU are a multi-million dollar brand

...and your clients need to know that!


Let’s be clear though -- I totally get your pain! I’ve worked with countless clients that are in your shoes...and I’ve been where you are too. Just know that there is a way out of this “image turmoil”...and I’m here to guide you.



You might think your personal style is as good as it’s going to get. I’ve seen this in so many of my clients...until they experience their style sessions with me.



I’ll teach you to recognize, work with, and enhance the unique beauty the universe has bestowed on you. Like all my boss lady clients, you have an almost divine purpose to share yourself in an authentic way. The confidence boost you’ll experience as a result of this big shift in thinking will change your life.



You may even find that your ideal image includes jeans and a tee. But, it has to be the “right” jeans and the “right” tee! Because the synchronicity is in the details – the “finishing touches” that take that jeans & tee “look” to the next level...and pull your look and brand together.



I’ve watched my clients literally transform during their style sessions. They change how they see themselves, after just a short time working together. I love seeing how my clients begin to radiate…as they embrace the glowing, confident and powerful personal brands they’re creating.


Confidence (true inner poise and self-assuredness) has such a huge impact on your life! And can define and impact your business in a multitude of ways.

So…are you ready to step into a more authentic,

and magnificently powerful, version of yourself?


The “payoff” is huge! Once my clients align their personal brands to their business visions they find they’re able to start asking 2 times their original prices. Their transformed image frees their dream clients to recognize them as experts in their industry (and place trust in their authority).



Here’s how I can help you…

  • Since confidence changes your professional life, I’ll work with you to define the style that feels authentic to you and your business.

  • I’ll review your business brand with you and we’ll create a cohesive personal style that reflects how you want to look and feel.

  • We’ll define your unique advantage and edge...what makes you different from your peers, competition and market.

  • I’ll help you claim your divine purpose and sense of self-worth...which will give you the confidence you need to ask for the premiums prices you deserve.


Enroll in my 3-month signature “Boss Lady Style Package” and you’ll get:

  • One hour initial style consultation to pinpoint your personal brand, complete with mood boards to hone in on your style and how it will match your brand

  • Two hour detox of your current wardrobe. We’ll decide what pieces you should keep, toss, get altered or consign.

  • One hour body shape celebration in which we’ll identify your fav features and learn how to enhance what you want to showcase.
  • One hour color analysis to identify what colors make you look awake, bright and confident.
  • One photo-shoot prep (if needed). Including mapping out what assets you need, shopping guidance for outfits (shoes and accessories too). This session will get you ready and pumped to slay your shoot!
  • One hour session creating outfits specifically for video creation, business/client meetings and networking events.
  • On average my clients finish with over 30 curated outfits for one season!*



I’m passionate about YOU…Boss Ladies, Business Conquerors and overall Head Babes in Charge.

I can’t wait to see you succeed! Investing in yourself, and your personal brand, is going to be one of the best business investments you’ll ever make. You’ll finally showcase the motivated and empowered biz conqueror you’ve become.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time for you to unveil your authentic Boss Lady style!


Boss Lady Style Package

(3 Month Program)

$1,200 – payment in full

$415/month for 3 months


Successful female executives, and high income earners (both male & female) know that investing in your personal appearance/brand is a key to success. And I promise you’ll love the results! Your dream clients will be drawn to work with you, you’ll radiate confidence and your visual image will be aligned with your personal brand.



"Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening."



I can’t wait for us to join forces and showcase your fierce boss lady style.

Your Devoted Boss Lady Stylist,